OpenBaseball is an open source web application, database, and framework used for teaching web programming, development, design, architecture, and data science among other relevant sustainable web ecosystem building topics. The programming and design of OpenBaseball is by Greg O'Toole (@openwebby). The data is from and Sean Lahman's excellent open source baseball statistics archive. This is a beta version of OpenBaseball. Later versions will work as an open source user interface framework with saved copies of Sean's or your own data.
Instruction Opportunity Boxes
You will see these "instruction opportunity" boxes throughout OpenBaseball. They are callouts to students learning this code to specific sections on the page where you can get a working example of the code you are working on. You can also take these opportunities to learn something completely new. The example of the working code can be seen on the screen and a link and directions will be provided where you can view and study the code. Happy coding.
Instruction Opportunity: Navigation & CSS
The navigation in this site is created only with css. It is a good example for IMD212 Basic Web Scripting, W4A1 Horizontal Navigation Bar. You can view and study the source code by right-clicking anywhere on the screen and choose "view source". Follow the link to the css or view the css code. Happy coding.
What are these boxes?
A screen like this could also be designed to use a handy 3-colomn layout that is useful when dealing with a lot of content. The 3-column model is an effective way to organize content into containers to make it quickly, visually organized. See how to do it.